Survey: Texas women have among the highest dating standards, finds survey.

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — If you are looking for a date in Texas, you had better bring your A-game.

Women in the Lone Star State have some of the highest standards in the nation when it comes to picking their man. surveyed 3,000 single women (18-35) to find out where standards are highest and lowest across the country when it comes to dating. The data shows 22% of Texas women will not go out with a man who makes less than $100K per year and are not traditionally attractive.

By comparison, 41% of women in New York would date a man who does not fit those aforementioned characteristics. On the other end, just 5% of women in Alaska would go out with a man who is not rather handsome and making a very solid income.

Delving deeper into the data, the survey uncovered that, despite the demanding standards in some of the more extreme locations such as New York and California, the majority of women hold more attainable expectations.

Encouragingly, 86% of respondents stated they would date a man who rents rather than owns a home. However, this figure could be misleading, considering the high cost of renting in cities like New York, which often necessitates a significant income.

The numbers shift when it comes to vehicle ownership. Only 59% of women would date a man who doesn’t own a car. The prospect of dating someone still living with their parents is even less appealing, with 64% of women ruling it out, presumably because of a lack of privacy.

On a more positive note, the survey found that 80% of women are open to dating a man without a college degree, and 85% would consider someone in a non-traditional job, such as an artist or gig economy worker.

Cultural experiences appear to be less of a priority, with 85% of women indicating they wouldn’t mind if their partner had never traveled beyond their home state.

Finally, the survey asked Texas women to rank the attributes they find most attractive in a man. The results were as follows:

1.  A great personality
2.  A substantial salary
3.  Good looks
4.  Living in an expensive property
5.  Having their own Wikipedia page
6.  Ownership of a private plane

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