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Washington Football Team’s new name is the Commanders

The team made the announcement as speculation about the new moniker abounded.

Jack Riccardi: Just A Minute, “Billie Eilish and Canceling Childhood”

If the childhood of America’s biggest pop star isn’t safe, no one’s is. A better question: why…

Jack Riccardi: Just A Minute, “Join the Mob?”

Very few people can create works of art with mass appeal. But these days anyone can tear…

Trey’s Take on MLB and the Truth War

The truth matters, and for the first time in America a sitting President has declared economic warfare…

Jack Riccardi: Just A Minute, “Fighting Cancel Culture”

Wokeness is really unpopular. So why is the phenomenon of the “cancel culture” persisting? Law professor and…

Jack Riccardi: Just A Minute, About Canceling Dr. Seuss

The mob has come for the classic children’s book author, “Dr. Seuss” and his beloved books.

Trey Ware: Cancel Culture Gone Crazy?

A couple of stories that struck a nerve with listeners… In Boston, the public schools were trying…

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