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City Council

Redistricting of San Antonio to be completed by next summer

The City of San Antonio outlined this week the process in which the city council districts will…

San Antonio City Council to be sworn in tonight

It's inauguration day in the city of San Antonio.

San Antonio City Council run-off election results

Results for the run-off city council election in San Antonio on June 5, 2021.

Jack Riccardi: Just A Minute, Council Should “Butt” Out On Masks

When two City Council busybodies ask HEB to “clarify” their new mask policy, it means “change it”.

CLAYTON PERRY: ‘I’ve never heard this kind of invocation before’

Trey Ware speaks with Councilman Clayton Perry about the surprising invocation given at city council on Thursday…

Cibolo city councilman drops out of race after making a mistake on the election application

They say the Devil is in the details and that couldn't be a harsher truth for a…

VIDEO: To city council ex-officials– ‘No, you don’t deserve free parking!’

Sean Rima can’t believe that a proposal is in consideration to give former members of the city…

Trey Ware: The Only Voice You Have Left

The night Mayor Nirenberg and this City Council were elected, Julian Castro shouted into a microphone, “We…

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