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Average gas prices in San Antonio climb as Hurricane Ida impacts gulf coast refineries

Hurricane Ida is having an impact on gas prices as we head into Labor Day weekend.

Gas Prices Fall, Crude Oil Prices Fluctuate Amid COVID-19 Concerns

A seven cent drop means San Antonio drivers are enjoying the lowest average gas price in the…

San Antonio average gas price drops 6 cents

Gas prices continue to slide in Texas but when you compare them to what we were paying…

Statewide price at the gas pump climbs while San Antonio average price falls

A small increase in the statewide average gas price but here in San Antonio, there's been a…

Texas gas prices remain among the lowest in the nation

As traveling by air becomes a bigger hassle, with constantly changing rules regarding masks and angry passengers…

AAA Texas reports another jump in gas prices

Increased demand is resulting in higher prices at the gas pumps.

AAA Texas reporting highest average gas prices since 2014

AAA Texas is reporting another jump in the price at the pump.

Texas gas prices climb as Memorial Day approaches

The statewide average gas price in Texas continues it's slow climb.

Trey’s Take – America Is Back … In The Swamp

President Joe Biden claims he has brought America back. He has! Right back to the swamp

Trey Talks Important Money News

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