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Does God, or Kathy, Want You to Get Vaxxed?

No one thought it would be possible to miss the sincerity and down-to-earth loveliness of Andrew Cuomo…

An Encouraging Devotional From Trey. What Is Your Mission?

It’s always exciting to see a vision come to life

A Very Personal Video Message From Trey

Trey shares a very personal message

Trey’s Take Video: What (Who) America Needs

Stunning numbers from Gallup reveal the truth of what (who) we need

Trey Ware: Never Give Up

Five years ago today this amazing man succumbed to a broken heart. Our son, Justin was talented…

Trey Ware: You CAN Make It

10 years ago today we were devastated when this beautiful light left this world. Our daughter, Rebekah…

Trey Ware: So Many Powerful Words Packed Into 90 Seconds

Everyday your kids are hit with so much negativity. It’s everywhere. From criticism from their peers to…

Hey God – Get Out!

Abortion until birth bills are making their way through several state legislatures right now as newly elected…

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