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Uncle Sean reacts to The President, PART TWO.

Having finished his Shrimps Ranchero, Uncle Sean responds to President Biden’s First Press conference…

Uncle Sean Responds to Biden’s First Press Conference, PART ONE.

Uncle Sean watches Biden’s first press conference while eating Shrimps Ranchero…

Sean on Gay Captain America.

Uncle Sean riffs on Gay Captain America…

A Happy St. Paddy’s Dee Wish from Yer Old, Weird Uncle Sean!

KTSA’s Sean Rima rambles about his new book…

Uncle Sean on Modern Music.

Uncle Sean reviews the Crummys.

Sean Reacts to the President!

Sean Rima reacts to the President’s speech…

Sean In For Jack!

Sean Rima shows you his home studio while subbing for Jack!

Car Thoughts with Sean: Of Mice & Kangaroos.

KTSA’s Rev. Sean smokes cigarettes and talks smack about the news in his car…

Where The Sun Don’t Shine with Uncle Sean: 3.4.21

KTSA’s Sean Rima films weird stuff and comments in his bathroom. He is fully-clothed.

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