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After Uvalde, Some Pols Pretend To Be Us

Angry yelling from pols about “when will there be action?” and “how many more must die?” Who…

What’s With These House Buying Calls?

At first I was flattered. I thought maybe I’d done a good job with the front lawn…

It’s Been “The Real Thing” for 100 Years

There’s a difference between being a licensed radio frequency for 100 years and mattering to people for…

Don’t Be A Fool, Stay in School—Pandemic Edition

That poor “Bachelor” contestant who’s mortified over her Texas public school education? Wait ’til she hears this…

Arming Teachers Looks Different Now, Doesn’t It?

I’ll be interested to see if the arguments on both sides are still the same.

No Surprise That SCOTUS Can’t Satisfy Us

When the Supreme Court takes the place of robust, democratic debate, everyone loses.

Spiderman, China, Hitler and Lady Liberty

What’s up with the story where Sony rejects communist China’s demand for deleting the Statue of Liberty…

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