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President Joe Biden

Trey’s Take Video on “Birthing Person”

If you had a mom, or you are a mom, you need to see this

Trey’s Take – America Is Back … In The Swamp

President Joe Biden claims he has brought America back. He has! Right back to the swamp

Trey Welcomes Slow Joe To Neanderthal Land

Here’s why the Biden admin made this move at this time

New Video Trey’s Take On The Latest Covid Numbers

The CDC and Johns Hopkins out with new numbers for Texas

Trey’s Take On Biden’s Latest Gun-Grabbing Trick

Lyin’ Joe Biden is coming for your gun

Trey’s Take on MLB and the Truth War

The truth matters, and for the first time in America a sitting President has declared economic warfare…

Trey’s Take Video: Shout Out To Bill Taylor, plus, Breaking Border News

Morning video update – Shout out to Bill Taylor at KENS 5, plus, breaking news about Biden’s…

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