Take off your mask!

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.
—Oscar Wilde

I know Halloween is just around the corner, but do you ever feel like dressing in costume is an everyday occurrence? I’m just having a little fun with you, but I want you to hear the truth in what’s next.

When it comes to their careers, many adults feel like they’re in a costume and wearing a mask, not knowing who they really are. You may have seen a “costume” you thought you wanted at some point, discovered later it wasn’t a good fit, but continued to walk around in it for years.

I’ve worn the wrong mask four or five times in my life. At first, it’s kind of fun. It’s interesting to watch people’s reactions when you’re playing a part, and they don’t know who or what you really are underneath. After a while, though, it becomes suffocating. You want to rip that mask off, because you’ve been doing nothing but playing a role in your life at work for so long.

If you’re still trying to determine who or what you were meant to be, try writing down your likes and dislikes, your strong points, and the areas where you could use a little help. Eventually two things will begin to appear—your greatest talents and your greatest passions. They will become more apparent, more specific, and deeper every time you sit down to evaluate who you really are and what it is you
were made to do.

Over time, and with a little effort and honesty, your head and your heart will come to an agreement. Ask yourself what issues you find yourself interested in. Some of your answers will already have passion threaded into them. And this will help you find your sweet spot!

About Ken Coleman
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