Tax Relief Push Comes to S.A.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s push for property tax relief is due in San Antonio Wednesday Morning.

A State Senate Committee set up to look at reforming the system is due on UTSA’s Main Campus for a 10:30 hearing inside the HEB University Center.

“Our goal is that your property taxes should never increase more than population and inflation–if that” Patrick told KTSA News ahead of the hearing, adding “People can not afford their property taxes to go up two to three times as much as their pay increase.”

Patrick said the math over the last decade simply hasn’t added up, creating what is an unsustainable situation.

“Property taxes in the State of Texas… in counties, have increased 70%, cities 60%–yet median household income has only gone up 26%” Patrick said, looking to put a cap on just how much a property tax bill can rise from one year to the next.

“What I want to see is that rollback rate go from 8% for cities and counties and school districts, down to 4 or 5%–the lower the better. At that point, it would be an automatic election” Patrick said.



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