Who better to write a poppy Christmas anthem than Taylor Swift – she did grow up on a Christmas tree farm, after all. The singer dropped her newest holiday single “Christmas Tree Farm” on Thursday night along with a music video that is giving fans an intimate glimpse of her childhood.

Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, and spent her early years living on an actual Christmas tree farm before moving and trying her luck as a country singer in Nashville – we all know how that turned out.

The music video is a compilation of Swift home movies from their days on the farm. The video shows a toddler Taylor sledding in the snow, and the now-famous singer opening up her first acoustic guitar on Christmas morning.

The sentimental video received nearly 2 million views on YouTube within its first 10 hours. As images of young Swift and her little brother, Austin, flash across the screen, a bright, festive tune blares – string instruments strumming and jingle bells chiming.

“In my heart is a Christmas tree farm where the people would come to dance under sparkles and lights/Bundled up in their mittens and coats, and the cider would flow, and I just want to be there tonight,” Swift sings.

Before Swift was a pop princess, she was a country darling. She discovered her love for music as a toddler and eventually her parents and younger brother moved to Nashville to help her pursue her career.

“My brother’s a real bro for doing that,” Swift said in an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” earlier this year.

“Yeah, they all upended their lives,” CBS News’ Tracy Smith said.

“For sure.”

“It worked out well!”

“Yeah, I buy ’em lots of presents,” she laughed.

This year, Austin Swift not only has his sister’s Christmas presents to look forward to – she also made him a music video star with “Christmas Tree Farm.”

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