Teen Violence Remains a Big Problem

Why? That’s the big question left behind after the murder-suicide that left a Judson High School Senior dead.

“It’s happening a lot… there is one more element that’s permeating that situation… that is social media” said Family Violence Prevention Services Executive Director Marta Palaez, who told KTSA News old, outdated attitudes can still be the norm for teens–even today.

“We ought to relate to one another in a respectful manner” Palaez said, adding that needs to be instilled at an early age.

“Some patriarchal, obsolete, decadent traditions still take foot in their (teens) homes” Palaez said.

The numbers from the experts on just how prevalent teen violence is are eye opening to say the least. One in eleven report being a victim of dating violence. One in five female high school students say they have been physically or sexually abused by a dating partner. One in three report knowing someone who has been abused.

“At the core of teen violence is the need to control the partner” Palaez said.



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