‘Teen Wolf’ star Arden Cho says she was victim of racist attack: “I’m still shaking”

(LOS ANGELES) — (NOTE CONTENT) Teen Wolf star Arden Cho revealed in an emotional post that a man threatened to kill her while she was out walking her dog.

Cho, who played Kira Yukimura in the popular MTV drama, took to Instagram to beg her followers to “please help” the Asian community, which is grappling with a sharp increase of becoming victims of hate crimes.

In a black and white infographic, Cho started off the post by revealing what her would-be attacker allegedly screamed at her, which included profanities and a racial slur.

“This along with other obscenities were screamed at me when I was outside walking with my dog last night.  I haven’t been this scared in years, he was a couple feet away & started coming toward me,” the 35-year-old actress recalled. “I grabbed Chewy and ran as fast as I could.”

Cho said she is “still shaking” because of the incident and explained that, in the wake of the increased attacks against Asian Americans, she stopped running at night.

“I still have to walk my dog, so I carry a knife when we go out at night,” she admitted. “I know how to fight but I still don’t feel safe.”

Despite her health and physical fitness, Cho lamented, “I shouldn’t be scared but I am.”

The Honor List star also revealed that she was attacked when she was a child, saying she was 10 when she was “kicked in the face till I was unconscious and hospitalized.”

Cho touched upon the trauma of watching “our elders get beaten & killed” and made a direct plea with her fans, begging, “Please, please #StopAsianHate I can’t breathe.”

Anti-Asian hate crimes have increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, reports Stop AAPI Hate.

By Megan Stone
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