Teenager arrested, charged with murder in New Year’s Eve shooting

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is announcing the arrest of a teenager accused of shooting another teen and leaving him for dead in the street.

At a Thursday press conference, Sheriff Javier Salazar named John Doerr, 17, as the lone suspect in the shooting death of Jaden Perez in the 7100 block of Misty Ridge Drive.

At this point, Salazar is not ruling out the possibility of other suspects that may have been involved in the shooting.

BCSO says Doerr and a group of teens went to meet Perez to discuss a drug deal, but investigators now feel that the plan all along was to rob Perez. At some point during the meeting, Salazar says Doerr fired a shot that hit Perez in the face after it passed through the head of a 15-year-old who was sitting in the stolen SUV the group showed up in.

Investigators say the group drove away as Perez fell to the street and died.

Detectives later found that the 15-year-old was dropped off at a hospital, but Salazar indicated during the press conference that this witness could end up being an additional suspect, depending on his involvement in the incident.

The San Antonio Police Department later found the stolen SUV, and sheriff’s deputies went to the home where Doerr stayed on the night of the shooting. This is where investigators believe they found the gun used in the shooting.

This is a developing story and KTSA News will give more details when possible.

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