Tensions flare between North and South Korea as countries conduct military drills

(SEOUL, South Korea) — Air Force military trainings took place in both North and South Korean airspaces as the two nations continue to ratchet up tensions on the Korean Peninsula as 180 North Korean warplanes flying over four hours just north of the military border were detected by South Korea’s military on Friday.

“North’s military planes were active in multiple areas such as the inland area in the North and above the East and West Sea,” South’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said.

In response, South Korea’s air force “urgently scrambled its predominant air force,” including 80 F-35As. The JCS added that 240 planes that were already participating in the ROK-US “Vigilant Storm” joint training “maintained a readiness posture” while conducting the planned exercises.

North Korea had test fired a mix of almost 30 long- and short-range ballistic missiles, including a failed intercontinental ballistic missile, this week.

These provocations prompted the U.S. and South Korea to extend air force drills which North Korea considers as joint training to invade and topple their regime.

This week’s provocations by the North is more or less Pyongyang responding to ROK-US drills, analysts say.

“Since denuclearization talks stalled, North Korea is in an unfavorable situation. Biden administration in and South Korean government now are both hardline, so North Korea is reacting even more strongly,” Wi Sung-Lak, Secretary general in the Seoul-based Korea Peace Foundation, told ABC News.

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