Did You Know These Terror Attacks Happened?

Another week. Two more terror attacks. Ho hum. No big deal.

First, in Fresno,CA. a man shoots and killed three as he shouts Allahu Akbar, and then laughed in the faces of police as they question him. Authorities rushed to the media to say this guy hated white people, and so his crimes were racially motivated.

They insisted it had NOTHING to do with terrorism.

Sure he shouted what ALL (every one of them) terrorists shout as they kill innocent people, but there’s no terror here. Keep moving.

In Paris yesterday a man who had served a prison sentence for shooting police shot three officers. ISIS immediately claimed responsibility.

What did we get from the major dinosaur media? A blip. Each seemed as though they were suffering through their obligation to report another terrorist attack in Paris.

Yawn. I mean really – don’t bother us, can’t you see we are busy with the FoxNews / O’Reilly travesty?

We must NEVER accept terrorism as just another routine part of daily modern life. The very second terrorism become routine is the very second the terrorists win.

Every time you go through a metal detector. Every time you take your shoes off to fly. Every time authorities and the media treat terror attacks as normative – the terrorists win.

And they laugh in our faces.



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