Tesla now has own border checkpoint lane from Texas to Mexico

SAN ANTONIO (Texas News Radio) — Tesla employees and suppliers have their own lane at the Texas-Mexico border.

Bloomberg Hyperdrive reported Austin-based Tesla struck a deal with Nuevo Leon to have a lane at the Colombia Solidarity checkpoint just north of Laredo solely dedicated for the electric car maker — with a Tesla branded sign and all.

Bloomberg reported Nuevo Leon is home to at least six suppliers for Tesla — all new since the carmakers move to Texas from California.

Neither the Nuevo Leon government nor Tesla were able to provide the details of any financial considerations for the agreement or the terms on what paperwork needs to used to cross the border.

However, Nuevo Leon economy minister Ivan Rivas told Bloomberg, “It was a simple incentive.”

The Mexican state, home to Monterrey, has been working to grow its electric vehicle supplier industry and Rivas said incentives like this to help businesses get across the border more easily helps make that happen.  He also said there may be other similar lanes for other companies in the future.

The Laredo-Colombia Solidarity Bridge is the only direct connection between Texas and Nuevo Leon and is less busy than the Laredo-Nuevo Laredo crossings in Tamaulipas.

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