Texans are buying Mega Millions tickets at a rapid pace, more than $13 million worth in half a day

SAN ANTONIO (Texas News Radio) — Texans are buying up Mega Millions tickets in rapid pace ahead of Tuesday’s $830 million jackpot.

The Texas Lottery said $13,412,742 in Mega Millions ticket sales were made just Tuesday alone as of 2 p.m.  Nearly $1,000,000 in tickets were sold in just the 1 p.m. hour alone.

The sales rate for the 1 p.m. hour is 217% higher than the same time period last Tuesday and 198% higher than the same time period yesterday.

The lottery said $15,455 worth of Mega Millions ticket sales are happening every minute across the state.

The winning numbers are drawn at 10 p.m. central time.