Texans in IA Backing Cruz

Some heavy hitters from Texas are braving the blistery cold weather and a blizzard watch in Iowa to campaign for Ted Cruz.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has been making phone calls and knocking on doors in effort to get people to go to the caucuses tonight.

He told Jack Riccardi the caucus takes a lot more time and effort than voting in a primary, such as the one in Texas March 1.

“When you’re trying to get out the vote in Texas or most states that have a primary, you’re asking people to take 15 minutes out of their day,” said Patrick. In Iowa, you’re asking people to make a two or three-hour commitment.”

State Senator Donna Campbell will be a surrogate for Cruz tonight.

“The surrogate goes to a precinct and the precinct to which I am assigned has about 250 or 300 people,” she told KTSA’s Trey Ware.

She’ll make a speech supporting Cruz in order to sway those participants to vote for the U.S. Senator from Texas in the GOP presidential race.

“It’s very important what we do as fiscal conservatives, to make America a strong world leader again,” Campbell said.

Patrick is hoping for a good turnout tonight.

“It’s gonna be (Donald) Trump, Cruz and (Marco) Rubio in the top three and I think that Ted has a great chance of finishing number 1,” said Patrick.



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