HOUSTON (AP) — A baby boy born in Texas without much of his skin is finally at home.
Ten-month-old Ja’bari Gray had been receiving treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital, but he was released Wednesday following an experimental skin transplant in May.
The Houston Chronicle reports that Ja’bari was born weighing 3 pounds with fused eyelids and large areas of skin missing from his arms, legs and torso.
His mother, Priscilla Maldonado, says the cause is still unknown. As of now, doctors plan to leave Ja’bari’s eyes alone.
The surgery allowed lab-grown sheets of Ja’bari’s skin to be transplanted onto the uncovered parts of his body. A Boston-area company that produces skin grafts for severely burned patients developed the skin from his biopsied cells.
Maldonado says the procedure was remarkably successful. Ja’bari gained weight and color in his skin.
Information from: Houston Chronicle, http://www.houstonchronicle.com

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