Texas Christmas tree industry expecting a boost in sales in ’22

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The holiday season will be ramping up right after Thanksgiving, and the Texas Christmas tree industry is expecting an increase in demand compared to recent years.

“Since COVID, there have been far fewer family gatherings around the Christmas holidays,” said Fred Raley with the Texas A&M Forest Service. “As a result, there has been an increased desire for families to get together — and to have a Christmas tree as a centerpiece of that gathering. Even with COVID still around and CDC guidelines in place, the desire — and demand — is still there.”

To be clear, the increased demand for Christmas trees this year is more specific to live Christmas trees, as opposed to the wide array of artificial trees now available.

“People like to select their own Christmas tree, and there are many locations throughout the state where they can choose their tree and have it cut,” says Raley. “For many families, there is nothing like choosing your own tree and having the smell and feel of a live Christmas tree. It’s part of a Rockwellian view of a family Christmas that many people seem to be wanting to continue or recapture.”

According to the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association (TCTGA), there are 175 Christmas tree farms in Texas producing some 200,000 trees annually on about 2,500 acres statewide.

The most widely grown live Christmas tree species in Texas are the Virginia pine, Leyland cypress, Afghan pine and Arizona cypress. Raley said the best-selling and most popular live Christmas tree is the Virginia pine because it grows well throughout the state. He closes by recommending that you shop early for live Christmas trees as supply begins to dwindle and choices get more limited by mid-December.