Texas could be moving towards legalized sports gambling and resort casinos

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The Texas Legislature will be mulling the idea of legalized sports betting and destination resort casinos after a bill was filed Friday.

Republican State Representative Charlie Geren filed the bill, which calls for a Texas constitutional amendment that could ultimately lead to the equivalent of a ‘Texas Gaming Commission.

But that is only if the bill passes, and then voters approve in November.

“We should have passed this bill way back when, a long time ago because then we would have a tremendous amount of revenue. We could lower our property taxes, we could be having more investment in our schools, our roads would probably be better,” said District 26 Democratic State Senator Jose Menendez.

But despite the bill having a measure of bi-partisan support in the legislature, Menendez is not sure the GOP has enough support within itself to get the bill passed.

“You have to get so many votes, a hundred out of a hundred and fifty in the House, twenty-one out of thirty-one in the Senate. That means that it is easier for the opposition to focus on just keeping you from getting to that number,” said Senator Menendez on San Antonio’s Sports Star, 94.1 FM.

As far as casino resorts, a limited number would appear in the more populated regions of Texas, like Dallas-Ft.Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. No selected market would have more than two of the resorts.

Part of the sales pitch for legalized gambling and sports betting surrounds revenue generated for the state, which might be more abundant once players in Texas stay in the state, as opposed to traveling to locations like Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other casinos currently in neighboring states.

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