Texas leads the nation in job growth in June

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Texas continues to set new records in job growth, and it led the nation with 82,500 jobs in June.

“Texas leads the nation once again, creating more jobs and unmatched economic opportunities for Texans in a variety of critical industries,” said Governor Greg Abbott.

But the economic expansion in the Lone Star State has been happening for some time. June was the eighth consecutive month Texas set a new employment record for total jobs at 13,431,100.

“By creating the nation’s gold standard for business-friendly policies, companies are flocking to the Lone Star State and bringing good-paying jobs for hardworking Texans. Texas’ reasonable regulatory environment, no corporate or personal income tax, and highly skilled, diverse workforce provide businesses, large and small, the freedom to grow and thrive. With the employment rate in Texas continuing to set new records, more opportunities await all Texans across this great state.”

The Texas Workforce Commission reports the state has added 778,700 new jobs since June 2021.