Texas senate panel takes up bill banning transgender females from girl’s school sports

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – A bill that would bar transgender female athletes from competing against biological girls in public school sports went before a  Texas senate committee in Austin Friday.

State Senator Charles Perry said it’s about protecting girls.

“Many students, parents, coaches and school administrators have raised concerns for the safety of female athletes that are required to compete against biological males, ” said Perry.

The bill would require K-12 students at  public schools to participate in University Interscholastic League of Texas sports based on their biological sex.  UIL uses birth certificates to determine a student’s gender.  Perry says it’s a matter of fairness.

“On the norm, you can pretty much guarantee that a biological male has physical advantages over a female,” said Perry. “The inclusion of biological males in female sports may deny female athletes the recognition of their hard work.

Several LGBTQ groups oppose the measure, saying it’s cruel and harms transgender children.

“They are already at higher risk of committing suicide.  Do not  alienate them further,”said Cody Miller Pyke with Doctors for Change. “It threatens the lives of transgender children who could be your kids and your grandkids.”

Thursday, the governor of Arkansas signed a bill into law prohibiting transgender girls from participating in  girl’s school sports. A similar law  will go into effect this summer in Mississippi.


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