Texas SOS: How to vote by mail in Texas

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — With 26 days left before the 2022 midterm general elections, Texas Secretary of State John Scott is releasing the third installment in a series of videos that cover the voting process in Texas.

The newest video breaks down voting by mail, including who is eligible, identification requirements, and how county officials verify and protect mail-in ballots.

“Remember, if you’re eligible and planning to vote by mail, you must make sure your Application for a Ballot by Mail is received by Friday, October 28th at your county Early Voting Clerk’s office,” Secretary Scott says in the video.

Texas voters who are eligible to vote by mail must provide: (1) a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)-issued Texas Driver License, Personal ID or Election ID Certificate number; OR (2) the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number on both their Application for a Ballot by Mail (ABBM) and mail ballot carrier envelope. As long as one of the ID numbers provided matches what is on the voter’s registration record, the voter’s ABBM and ballot can be accepted.

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