A 19-year-old man is charged with capital murder after police in the Dallas suburb of The Colony said he confessed to killing his older sister, who was eight months pregnant. CBS Dallas reports that police identified the victim as 23-year-old Viridiana Arevalo.

Eduardo Arevalo remained in The Colony Jail Monday evening without bond and was still waiting to go before a judge.

Their oldest brother, Diego Arevalo, defended Eduardo, saying he doesn’t believe Eduardo would have killed their sister.

“I know my brother. He wouldn’t do something like this. He’s very kind, a very positive kind of guy, very motivated. He helped my family out, he helped my brothers, he even helped my sister out,” Diego said.

But police told a very different story, saying Eduardo confessed Sunday night to strangling his sister last Monday morning when they were alone in the house they lived in with their parents and two younger siblings.

“He later confessed to having written the note and the information we have is that it was implied she wrote the note,” Woodard said.

Diego Arevalo said the family is devastated. “Seeing my parents sad and emotional really breaks my heart.”

He said his sister had a lot of love in her heart and that she was looking forward to having a baby girl. “She was excited. She always wanted a sister. She was the only sister in the family. She wanted a little sister but it never happened.”

Police said Viridiana’s boyfriend reported her missing Tuesday evening and isn’t accused of any wrongdoing.

Woodard said Eduardo could face additional charges

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