The American President As CEO

Doug Burgum is the North Dakota governor tilting at the windmill for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

Coming from a tech/business background, he checks the boxes for both knowing how to govern and having experience in building a business.

Like someone else we know,

“Meet the Press” went to Fargo to do a deep dive interview with the governor, and it was interesting. to say the least. The man comes across as earnest, almost painfully so. He says some things that would make a political consultant throw himself off the roof.

One thing that stood out to me was his argument that we need a “CEO-president” approach: the chief executive of the United States needs to focus on big, strategic ideas, to the exclusion of state issues and “culture war” disputes. You can pick up this part of the interview at about the 23-minute mark of “Meet the Press”/NBC News

This is not a popular idea in either political party.

But it’s absolutely right, and clearly missing right now.


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