“The Bachelor” recap: And then there were two

ABC/Lou Rocco(LOS ANGELES) — On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. and the three remaining women — Kendall, Lauren B. and Becca K. — journeyed to Peru, where they would experience the overnight dates, and one elimination. 

Arie’s first date was with Kendall. They met in the desert and spent the day on a dune buggy. On a blanket, they discussed her feelings of uncertainty. Over dinner, Kendall said she felt that they had something strong and wanted to take the next step with him. They told each other they they were falling for the other, but even after a night in the Fantasy Suite, they spent a lot of time reassuring themselves that they felt good about where they are and where they could be headed.

Arie’s second date was with Lauren B. Arie took her to see the famous Nazca lines, the ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert in Southern Peru. Hanging out afterward, Lauren told Arie that the more serious she gets about him, the greater her fears are. But with the other girls involved, she’s burdened by the feeling that she wants to walk away. After talking and telling the Dallas tech salesperson he loved her, Arie gave her an invitation with a key to the Fantasy Suite, where they spent the night.

The next date for Arie was with Becca K. in Paracas, on the west coast of Peru. The Minneapolis publicist was excited to be there because she said after the hometown dates, she was in love with Arie, but she hadn’t said it to him and was hoping to do so in Peru.

Arie took Becca sailing on a catamaran and said that being with her made him feel the safest and the most comfortable. “Our passion and chemistry is on point, so it feels good,” he said, and added, “This is definitely a relationship I’m I feel super confident in.”

Later that night, Arie and Becca enjoyed dinner at a desert oasis set up just for them. Becca told him that she loved him and Arie admitted that he’s not just falling in love with her, he loves her. Becca responded, “So many feelings!” And then they kissed, really loudly. Arie took Becca to a private tent with a bed as they kept telling each other “I love you.”

The next morning at a hotel in Ica, Becca’s ex-boyfriend, Ross, arrived. He said that he and Becca were soulmates and he came to Peru to propose to her, which was both romantic and a little stalker-ish. Ross met Arie and talked to him about his feelings for Becca, whom he was with for seven years. Ross was a little intense and repeated to Arie that he loves her. Arie told Ross that they’d said “I love you” to each other but he can’t speak for Becca. Arie also said he was angry.

Later, Ross went to see Becca. She wasn’t pleased and wouldn’t let him in her room. They talked outside: “I knew you were going to do this,” she said.  Ross talked a lot about the love in his heart, but Becca said she didn’t want to go back to what they had. Finally, Ross wished her the best and left, wondering why he’d come in the first place.

Becca went to see Arie to talk about what happened.  Arie was concerned that she might still have feelings for Ross, and said he needed time to process it all.

At the Rose Ceremony, Arie told Kendall that he didn’t think they “could get there” and sent her away. Now it’s down to Becca and Lauren.  Next week, they’re going to meet Arie’s family.

The Bachelor returns Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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