The Biggest Difference is Between Something and Nothing

Money’s tight, post Thanksgiving shopping is down, and we just came through a holiday in which a quarter of our folks said they were skipping the meal due to inflation.

I’m so old I remember when the only Thanksgiving inflation was your waistline.

As we we enter (believe it or not) the final week of our “Wrappin’ With Jack” campaign for Family Service Association, I just wanted to put something in your noggin.

We are trying to achieve the goal of having one gift to unwrap for each member of each family served by FSA of SA. One gift. However humble it is, when you give, you are making the difference between something and nothing. A man, woman or child who feels like they counted, or one who feels forgotten.

One sweatshirt. One package of socks or underwear. One doll or Nerf football. It’s not like shopping for our families, where often we have to coordinate between parents or uncles or siblings to make sure two of the same thing don’t show up under the tree.

One gift.

Your gift will be the difference between something, and nothing. We’ve been doing this since 1999, and it still amazes me what happens in the lives of these families when you give.

That’s the biggest difference you can make.

You can make it right here, right now, by going to, donating online, selecting items from the Amazon wish list, or picking up items and donating them at drop-off locations. It’s all right here, all the ways you can give.

Please make that difference, right now. And thank you, I love that you care.


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