Like all break-ups, this one is taking time to sink-in.

From my own childhood memories of the “Wonderful World of Disney” TV special every Sunday night, to Friday nights with my little girl, sitting on the living room floor in her little foam princess chair, trying to protect her slice of pizza from the dog, while watching the DVD movie she picked.

They were often Disney classics like “Sleeping Beauty”, “Jungle Book” and “Snow White”, or newer ones like “Aladdin”, “Bolt”, and “Tangled”.

Like a golden thread that ran through and connected our respective childhoods: the “Disney” franchise meant high quality and high-trust family-friendly entertainment.

The only surprises were how often they exceeded even our high expectations.

Which makes their new emphasis on LGBTQ activism all the more…interesting.

This is the least creative, most comformist we’ve ever seen them

And in the leaked Zoom call, nary a mention of our kids or families.

Sounds like they’ve moved on.


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