Mayor Ron Nirenberg has eked out a 51-49% reelection over challenger Greg Brockhouse.

If you thought the last 24 months were Socialism 101, get ready for the advanced class.

Given the close outcome, closer even than the first round of voting last month, here are a few off-the-cuff thoughts.

First, Team Nirenberg put out the call statewide for Democratic and “community-organizer” resources these last few weeks, and those phone-banks and block-walkers may have saved him. One can easily imagine that they generated this narrow margin of victory. He needed them,  and apparently, they needed him.

Second, the vast majority of voting-age San Antonians still don’t think the city elections have any connection or meaning for them. Don’t worry, one thing about he modern Left—they have a way of eventually making you care.

Third, looks like the Chick Fil A fiasco was not very…filling. Again, though, if that didn’t move the needle, the one thing we can be sure of is that Nirenberg 2.0 and the new, Portland-ier  City Council, will soon serve up something else. Piping hot with fries and a drink. Or a wedding cake.

Not too long ago, the Seattle Times newspaper profiled three “typical” voters for their upcoming city election. Their city council is currently eight Democrats and one Socialist. Which is another way of saying nine Democrats.

Anyway, two of these self-described “progressive” voters were lamenting their choices from the last election. While still fervent in their political beliefs, they now realized their city didn’t work. Crime, homelessness and a breakdown of basic city services—now, they realized, they needed to elect pragmatists, not ideologues.

When cities, states, and even countries, have finally had enough pie-in-the-sky-paid-for-others socialism, they vote for problem solvers.

San Antonio voters,  circa 2019, just haven’t had enough.


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