For those of us who have sadly come to realize the NFL is a hot mess of immature athletes, referees who don’t have a clue what to call and when, and a terrible place to mix social justice politics (yes, it does have its place), and entertainment, Super Bowl (oops – the “big game”), was exactly what we expected.

Thank God Yawner Bowl 2019 is over.

First, I thought Chloe and Halle were brilliant! Their rendition of “America the Beautiful” was one of the best in the history of the song. Period. And “The Empress of Soul,” Gladys Knight, was stunning as she paid a fitting tribute to the USA with her version of National Anthem. It was on-par with the gold standard performance turn in by Whitney Houston.

Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there.

It was a terrible football game. Everything about the game itself was boring and dull.

Super Bowl 53 has the dubious honor of going down as the lowest scoring game in history, and the first Super Bowl without a touchdown through three quarters.

Tom Brady is the best – ever, but he didn’t look like it last night. He wasn’t horrible, but he didn’t turn in the kind of performance we all know he is capable of.

He was just good enough to win because it was painfully obvious the Rams were not prepared for the biggest stage in sports. QB Jared Goff was stunned to be there, and wasn’t ready for what the greatest defensive mind of all time, Bill Belichick, would throw at him.

Other than great coaching from Wade Phillips, which caused Tom Brady some confusion early on, the Rams were outplayed in every facet of the game.

Last night proved just how disastrous the New Orleans non-call was.

The officiating last night was just ok. The refs did a good enough job to get by, but it is still clear NFL officials are unsure of what to call when. The missed clothesline call is one example. This is an area the NFL must fix fast if they expect to maintain integrity of the game.

For the most part the commercials were meh. With one exception. The NFL 100 year Legends commercial was brilliant. Tip of the hat to Red McCombs. It was good to see him have some fun.

The halftime show was a yawner. The halftime performance bar was set years ago when Prince belted out Purple Rain in the pouring rain while playing electric guitar. The NFL should just replay that performance every year.

Tony Romo made sure the night was not a total loss. His uncanny play predictions were on target, for the most part, and he is a joy to listen to because he is so enthusiastic about the game. Number 9 helped rescue the NFL from an unmitigated disaster, and along with Gladys, Halle, and Chloe, he was the bright spot on an otherwise terribly dull event.

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