The Nicest Thing You Can Say About Them

In a pretty remarkable exchange at the European Parliament, a Pfizer exec nervously giggles and says, no, of course, we didn’t know if the COVID-19 jab stopped transmission, before it entered the marketplace.

“Marketplace” is an interesting word, by the way.  If you think of a marketplace, you think of shopping. You enter a store, or a e-retail site, and browse. Maybe you have a list. Maybe not. Maybe you choose a bunch of items, and fill up your basket. Or maybe you leave having chosen nothing.

There was not much “marketplace” when it came to the jab in late 2020 and 2021. Barrages of public service announcements were soon followed by the massed troops of the public health state, demanding you get jabbed, or lose job, school, travel, membership in the human race, etc., etc.

Not exactly like checking out Prime Days, right?

And the EP testimony isn’t really the first time we’ve heard or read this, either.

You can find statements from the FDA as early as December 2020 about insufficient data on how much protection the vaccine offered, or for how long.

Dr. Deborah Birx has said that they knew, from the start of the vaccination campaign, that jabbed people could still transmit.

So, what was all that “don’t kill granny” stuff?

Back to Brussels: “You know…we had to…really move at the speed of science”, said the Pfizer president. “The speed of science”?

I get that. If you rush something like this out there, you’re going to learn on the fly. Even when you don’t rush, long-term patient experiences for drugs and therapies can be revealing.

But in forcing vaccination, for all intents and purposes, you did two bad things. First, you took away the “marketplace” approach which is how we navigate most modern medicine. Second, you imputed guilt and blame for spreading the pandemic to people who wouldn’t, or hadn’t yet, gotten the jab. Remember, you were the worst kind of creature: you were selfish, ignorant and murderous.

The nicest thing I can say about that is that I understand and accept why you didn’t know everything the jab could or could not do.

I won’t forgive or forget the tactic of telling lies you knew were lies, because you didn’t trust us in the “marketplace”.

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