A friend of mine today said President Trump “has balls” to cancel the government plane for a congressional junket with Speaker Pelosi during the shutdown.

People, he said, have been waiting for someone with the cojones to do something like that.

He may be right. We’ll soon find out, though not from the news channels, who are now in full-on “Seven Days in May” mode.

Everyone seems to assume that this is Trumpian revenge: you disinvite me from the SOTU “political prom” and I wreck your taxpayer-funded global victory lap. He’s saying he just wants to keep her around D.C. so they can end the shutdown.

But what’s in it for you and me?

None of this is “securing the border”, whatever that even means at this point. If there’s ever a “wall compromise”, that’ll be the most compromised wall you ever saw.

Maybe we could build the wall out of politicians. Finally, a use for them.

With the Trump flight cancellation, we are now in Hatfield-McCoy territory. The only cure is more cowbell–er, I mean impeachment.

Seriously, let’s get on with that, because maybe if they can vote on it, and the vote fails…what are they gonna do, have a second impeachment?

I mean, that would be like if the Brits had a second Brexit vote…oh, wait.

See, I don’t know about you, but I’m like Mick Jagger, here: I can’t get no satisfaction. People who are gleeful over Pelosi’s SOTU move, or busting a gut over Trump’s plane move—I have to ask, why?

I know who started it and I can appreciate how righteously furious the President is with the pre-election collusion against him, not to mention the dastardly, cowardly machinations of people who hung around after their team’s electoral defeat to sabotage his administration. There’s no equivalency between the un-American, un-democratic behavior of 2016-present and the Impulsive Tweeter-in-Chief. The former is far, far, worse for our country.

So, I get why he’s P.O’d. Question though: in all the time you were promising a wall, did neither you nor your advisers ANTICIPATE EXACTLY how and why Democrats would politicize this?? Because I’m just a former FM deejay, and I could see this coming from a mile away. Totally predictable.

Again, though, I have to ask: we have no budget and no improvement in our border/port/visa security. We have one speech snub versus one plane snub.

What’s in it for you and me?




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