On Twitter last night, leftist commentators were melting down over the fact that CNN gave East Palestine, Ohio residents a “town hall” show. Who wants to watch these hicks when CNN could be running a RBG documentary or recapping the Baldwin trial?

To hear them bleat, they are the real victims of this derailment. Here’s how they saw the panel featuring residents of the afflicted area:

“Seems unnecessary and prone to misinformation!” says one. 

“Find out who these ‘residents’ are, some may be GOP party personnel”

“But zero time spent on the Palestinians being murdered by Israeli forces today! Got it!”

And my favorite:

“They all look like they ate and showered recently. I’m convinced that nothing at all happened to these people”.

Sooo…they don’t look bad enough? Need more emaciation? Open, oozing skin lesions? I guess they were expecting “The Walking Dead” or that decomposing dude in the Upwork commercial.

And then there’s their outpouring of sympathy for…Pete Buttigieg.

Politico says Republican criticism of the SecTrans is “frustrating Buttigieg world”. CNN says the GOP has confused the local residents in East Palestine about just how much federal government help they’re getting.

While praising Pete for his “patience” (that’s one way of putting it, sure), some are also blaming their own media brethren for not explicitly asking him about the train disaster in numerous interviews during the first ten days or so after it happened.

I see: he wanted to say something about it, but gosh, no one would ask him. The poor guy.

So many victims…in so many places…other than where the train actually derailed, amirite??

The capper this morning was “The View” coven mistress Joy Behar jabbing her finger at the camera and hectoring East Palestinians that they brought this on themselves by voting for Trump.

Of course.


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