Weekly there are stories of biological boys, now “transgender”, dominating women’s/girl’s sports.

From wrestling to track, they’re sweeping tournaments and setting records that biological women may never challenge.

This week, it’s a young lady from Connecticut, Selina Soule, who missed out on qualifying for a track championship because two boys who identify as girls finished just ahead of her. The advocacy group “Alliance Defending Freedom” is bringing a Title IX complaint on behalf of Selina and other athletes. She recently revealed there’s been retribution within her sport for her speaking out against the unfairness.

Here’s the thing: “Title IX” is part of  a sweeping federal education law from 1972, sponsored by Democrats and signed by Republican President Richard Nixon.

It was in response to lawsuits.

If you read it, it’s pretty hard to argue against, in general. But people wielded it to “create” a new right: You must move money from boys’ sports to the establishment of equal girls’ sports.

I’m not against girls’ sports. I just want you to understand what’s now happening to them.

When politicians hastily create a “right”, it can just as quickly vanish. Live by politics, die by it, so to speak.

So…why aren’t Selina Soule and young women like her enjoying the robust defense of politicians who inherited the Title IX mantle?

Because THOSE politicians (and school and athletic administrators) are busy “creating” a new right, to pander to a new constituency.

Selina, the cavalry ain’t coming for you. There’s a new cause, and new votes to chase after.

By the way, you know what else is a flimsy “right” that could vanish into thin air at any time: the “right” of these boys who “identify” as girls to run play against biological girls.

You never know when history will repeat itself.


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