The Spin Before The Florida Storm

As I write this, no one is quite sure if this hurricane is *merely* a serious storm, or a once-in-a-century dagger at the heart of Tampa, one of America’s great cities.

We are all praying and hoping for the best, and for Floridians.

Well, almost all of us.

Lips are being licked in some quarters about how this hurricane’s first casualty could–and should–be Governor Ron DeSantis’ political future.

Occupy Democrats vomited up the argument that the state doesn’t deserve federal aid because of their governor. “MAGA crook” is his actual title, according to them.

A woman named Rachel Vindman, who apparently  is the attention-starved wife of Trump-deranged Col. Alexander Vindman, went on a Twitter spree of jokes such as “We should use they/them pronouns for hurricane Ian to annoy DeSantis”.

She seems nice.

I hate to rain on their storm of toxic fantasies, but I listened to DeSantis’ briefing this morning on storm preparedness, and having heard a lot of these over the years, it was probably the calmest, most comprehensive one in my experience. Of course, maybe it was all talk, and maybe they’ll mishandle the hurricane.

If they do, real people would be hurt or killed.

It’s nothing a normal, healthy human being with a soul would hope for.

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