The Trap of Lower Expectations

It’s real, but it’s also a trap.

The great Miranda Devine, in the New York Post, makes this point often, about Joe Biden.

The freeze-up moments, the meandering, the verbal wipeouts, she says, are just “lowering expectations” and “engendering sympathy” for a figure we are supposed to see as “a nice old man”. Remember the Hur report?

Devine warns that emphasizing Biden’s personal incompetence “plays into Biden’s superpower: being underestimated…he might act like a wax effigy and walk like a robot, but the president has the uncanny ability to exceed all expectations when it counts, politically”.

You hear people say it all the time: they don’t know exactly how, or by what chemical intervention, but everyone knows the Biden who shows up in 10 days at the first debate will, most assuredly, not be the wobbly Biden at the G7.

Nor will it be the wooden Biden being gently led off stage by former President Obama, at the Kimmel event this weekend.

To anyone who wants to see him look sharp and strong, he will, thanks to the management of low-information voters’ low expectations.

And it’s not just stylistic.

There is a fundamental contradiction between this doddering guy, and the unrelenting havoc wrought by this administration on everything we used to recognize. An enervated figurehead, but a highly energized assault on rule of law.

Biden doesn’t look the part of a Blofeldian leftist mastermind. And of course, he isn’t the master, or the mind.

Every video of him slurring and stumbling undercuts the warnings we are all trying to sound, because how can THAT fellow be the face of what you’re describing?

Answer: Biden’s right for the role, because he doesn’t look the part.

So, yes, you can’t not cover and comment on the decline of this man in the Oval Office. And we will.

Just know that the trap is being set for electoral surprises.

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