The World According to Big Fani

After Thursday,s testimony from Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willis, we are left with so many questions.

Can you take cash out of your campaign chest and keep it at home for incidentals?

While blowing off tax liens?

Isn’t it enough to hire your lover with county money—do you also have to give him the campaign cash in fistfuls while on vacation?

When you brag about giving up that sweet gig as a judge, where you say you got paid “a lot” for only working two days a week, did you say that in your campaign commercials for the DA race?

“The proof is what I just TOLD you” is a line every defendant should be able to use.

Also, Big Fani doesn’t have checks (makes face), doesn’t like wine, and doesn’t hold hands.

Will not emasculate black men…(checks notes) from now on.

She has to drive to another state to have lunch because she’s so famous she can’t eat lunch in the state of Georgia.

Actually, it’s not “lunch”, it’s “breaking bread”.

Not sure on which continent Belize is located, currently.

Speaking of locations, was that just a front-zipper dress or did she have it on backwards?

If “diversity is our strength”, how would any of this be different if the RICO case were being led by a white, male crook instead?






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