You. Have. Failed.

The Democratic Left has held in their ungrateful hands the very reins of the country, controlling the executive and legislative branches of government, the lion’s share of the media/technocracy and pretty much every major great American institution, from the military to higher ed., from the arts and entertainment to most of the biggest public corporations and producers. You have had it all, and you have brought forth every scheme and dream you ever concocted, and we have heard it, lived under it, and we are miserable. And none of it works.

You had your chance and now you are facing, next week, possibly historic repudiation, not only in sheer numbers, but with voters and in places you always used to take for granted, smugly.

No one’s ever done a worse job at running anything than this team of Democratic misfits. Harris, Buttigieg, Granholm, Yellen and company  wouldn’t be in charge of a two car parade in most countries. On top of that, you are petty, vicious, intolerant and corrupt.

So, your leader (that you now openly regret using as your Trojan horse to enter the gates in 2020) goes to a train station in our Capitol last night, a place that was once a gleaming example of a can-do country on the move, and is now a drug-infested, boarded up scene from the next Mad Max movie, a place not safe enough for a Starbucks to-go counter, and there he gives the same speech he’s given numerous times, only louder.

No red lights this time, like in the execrable Philly address, but again scolding us for being bad people, for complaining, for daring to throw his party out of power. He reaches for the insult: you are a threat to democracy.

You, who have defended it in our country’s uniform. You, who kept showing up to work so his supporters could order artisanal sourdough bread deliveries while “staying safe”.  You, who went from planning a family vacation to having to choose between groceries and gasoline. You, whose vote he doesn’t ask for, but demands.

You, who must accept the election results.

Except, of course, if they aren’t favorable to him. Then, HE won’t be accepting them.

It never crosses their mind to make things better, or easier, or more affordable for people.

All they have is fear.

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