The Worst Thing About Politics Today

It might be just talk, but it’s an awful lot of talk.

The rumblings and rumors that Democrats want Joe Biden to stand aside as their nominee, after spending years grabbing our lapels and insisting there’s no one better, no one else they would rather have.

Their one true love.

Then we got a look at the mid-2024 version of Joe Biden last Thursday night. Realized he’s not the plagiarizing smart-aleck of 1987, nor is he the patronizing running-mate of ’08, or even the man he was a mere dozen years ago, going toe-to-toe with Paul Ryan.

The Dems knew. We saw.

Hence, the talk.

Scrambling for a new rampart, Democratic strategist David Axelrod told his CNN panel: “I just wanna tell you guys one thing…if, for whatever reason there’s a change at the top of the ticket, you guys [Republican panelists] are in trouble with Donald Trump!”

“The guy who was up there [Trump]…is not going to inspire people. He didn’t show in any way that he has changed.”

Maybe Ax is whistling past the graveyard, but one thing is true: they like their post-Biden chances more and more.

Politics is so personality-driven today, that people are for the man more than the ideas. If ideas mattered, changing Biden wouldn’t alleviate the Democrats from having to defend radical social policies, America-last foreign policy, and failing economic policies. No matter who they nominated, the ideas would hang around their neck and the ideas would matter, much more than the messenger.

Instead, because Trump makes it about Biden and Biden makes it about Trump, Axelrod’s point is that the left gets a giant do-over by simply subbing out their reeling nominee, which, if they can figure out how to do it, they will.

Nice for the politicos—a clean slate!

Disastrous for us—old wine in new skins. A new salesman for the same crappy product.

Seeing this on the horizon for weeks, if not months, I’d have thought Trump, his team, and the GOP, might start broadening out their message, to say that the modern American left is destructive and dangerous, pessimistic and pretentious. It’s not Biden, but the whole toxic worldview on the left.

Not so far.

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