There’s No Gas Shortage ???

by Elizabeth Ruiz

You’ve probably noticed, a lot of convenience stores in the San Antonio area are all out of gas.

We’ve seen it and you’re calling to tell us about it on KTSA.

“I waited in line for about 30 or 40 minutes and when I got up to the pump, they said that they only had diesel, ” said KTSA listener Willie.

He told Trey Ware he kept driving around until he found a convenience store selling fuel.

“I’ve been in line 15 or 20 minutes and the line is long,” he said.

There are problems with delivery of gasoline supplies because of floodwaters, but some people are hoarding the fuel, filling up buckets and barrels for fear of running out. Experts say say that’s exacerbating the problem.

To find out which stations are selling fuel, visit, but be aware that the situation can change quickly.




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