These Are The Best Days, No Matter Your Age

Last Friday on the show, we were talking over our favorite summertime movies.

“What About Bob”, “Grease”, “Sandlot”, “Jaws” and “Stand By Me” are a few of mine, and we had a lot of great caller choices.

What is it about summer?

I mean, when you’re a kid, it’s synonymous with freedom, right? Remember that cold, dread feeling in the pit of your stomach the first time in the summer you would hear or see the words “Back to School sale”?

You know, I realized this weekend, I still get that.

Even after summer’s no longer a school vacation, even when you work right through it like most of us do, summer still has a place in the heart.

Music sounds better in summer. Water tastes better. The gasoline fumes from a washed-and-waxed old car, freshly-cut grass, smoke from a grill. Better in summer.

I used to think, when I had those summers up north, that I was just glad to be warm and outside, again.

Now, living here in San Antonio, where we have 11 months of HOT a year, I still have a thing for those calendar pages marked “June”, “July” and “August”.

“September” is the eat-your-peas, buckle-down-buster month, no matter what age you are.

Summertime is the girl or guy you still remember, who, if they ever turn up again, you won’t let get away.

And they always do turn up again.

Hold hands with this summer every chance you get.


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