They Got Rid of The “Bullets” Too Soon

Washington D.C. is in full-on panic mode.

I don’t mean the House Republicans, either.

A new Washington Post poll found that 96%—when do 96 percent agree on ANYTHING?!–of DC residents believe they have a serious issue with crime. Thirty-two percent said “extremely serious”, 34 said “very” (what’s the difference?) and 30 think it’s “moderately serious”.

This is a city whose mayor touts weekly decreases in individual crime categories as if they were V-E Day. And who stole public money to go to the Masters. And who painted “Black Lives Matter” on the street in front of Trump’s White House.  Man, that sure helped!

And, this is a city that prioritized renaming its sports teams. The NFL’s Redskins became the Commanders, which is the dullest, most generic name in pro sports. And the NBA’s Washington Bullets became the “Wizards”.

Wouldn’t “Washington Bullets” make more sense right now? Maybe in a wry, ironic way?

Homicides are up nearly 40 percent, property crime 24 percent.

A recent mass shooter was given house arrest. 

Friends who live there say don’t visit; they don’t go out at night anymore. Dinner dates are lunch or brunch.

The alabaster capital of the greatest nation on earth has a hellhole reputation. It should be a brilliant, beautiful place to visit or do business. Instead it’s Mogadishu.

It will be interesting to watch the slo-mo collision of political incompetence, the anti-gun lobby and race pandering unfold over the next few years. When people are this frightened, their individual and collective responses are unpredictable.

Interesting, but agonizing.



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