Surveillance video obtained from inside Uvalde school shooting

Old question: should the public see the surveillance video from outside and inside Robb Elementary?

New question: when will they make the dudes on the tape watch it?

Hand sanitizer? Really? Cant wait to have that one man-splained to me by some testosterone challenged excuse-maker.

The only thing I did wrong was watch the video late last night. Don’t do it, because you won’t sleep. You’ll want to throw up.

I don’t know how those “responders” are sleeping at all.

First, there should’ve been a takedown outside. Let’s not quibble–in the current environment, if you’re a Dzhokar Tsarnaev lookalike running toward a school with a long gun, your due process is a warhead on the forehead. We can’t gloss over this. The killer is the killer, and he’s responsible for killing. However, there is no way he gets to do it this easily, this unchallenged, in 2022.

In Texas.

Second, he strolls in the schoolhouse door like it’s a convenience store. As a parent who can barely enter my OWN KID’S school without I.D. and interrogation, this is INFURIATING.

Seeing him leisurely make his way through the hallway, decorated with the kids’ artwork, is surreal. You’re watching the devil.

The cops arrive quickly, but that’s about the best you can say.

There is interminable standing around. More hand-gestures than an NFL sideline. Fist bumps, pats on the back, and so many guys fidgeting with their gear and repositioning themselves, that’s it’s a wonder they didn’t shoot each other. Which, if the killer had come out of the room, they almost certainly would have.

You may think, before you watch it, that the “graphic” nature of it is the suffering and death of little kids. They have edited that out (its absence is chilling too). What’s graphic is the total paralysis of the cops. You will want to jump through the screen.

Now we know why the corrupt local officials wanted to cover up the humiliating response. There’s no coming back from this.

You wanna be mad at the Austin TV station for releasing it, or whoever leaked it to them? Go ahead. The TV people are not responsible for the safety and well-being of Uvalde children. Your anger, as a parent, as a taxpayer, as a freaking human being, should be directed at the coffee klatch in the hallway.

Hand sanitizer? Officer Fauci?

Got news for you—no amount of hand sanitizer is going to wash the blood off those hands.

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