They’re Just Not That Into You Anymore

The headline: “Beto Turns On Biden, Blames Him For Latino Voters Rightward Shift”

I see we are back to “Latino”, so who said things aren’t getting better?!

His hot take on Texas politics: “Candidate Biden didn’t spend a dime or a day in the RGV…you gotta be locking eyeballs with the people you want to fight for and serve…”

Good luck trying to lock eyeballs with Joe Biden. His squint makes Clint Eastwood look like Peter Lorre.

But I  would disagree with Mr. Beto.

Latino voters didn’t shift—they are just starting to question a relationship with a party and its candidates who take them for granted, and who presume they want the things East Coast progressives dream about.

It always seemed to me that large numbers of reliable Hispanic and Black Democratic voters were really not in agreement with their party on family, faith, abortion, crime, immigration, education…pretty much everything. They stayed in the relationship, maybe for the reasons we have all stayed in one past the point that we should have. Comfortable. Habit. Tradition. You know.

Now, as their party slides left faster and more obnoxiously, they’re finally breaking up, or at least looking into seeing other people.

Sorry, Beto, you won’t be able to fix that with dimes or soulful eye-locks.

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