What Do You Think: Is Radio With Video Just…TV?

Cathey Meyer (from left), Elaine Wolff, Jack Riccardi and Jonathan Gurwitz


If you listen to the radio show, I could use your feedback.

Facebook Live is the new hot thang for radio talk show hosts. Nice if you’re good looking and wasting all that sex appeal on a non visual medium, right? That’s about one percent of radio folks.  Honestly, I’m not too excited about cameras, but if I’m just being a Luddite here, I need to get over it. I like the whole “theatre of the mind” thing when it comes to radio, but the 1930s called and…well, you know.

What I need to figure out is if, how, and when to go with live video on Facebook during the radio show.

So, if you would give me a minute, can I ask you four questions?

Do you have any interest in watching some portion(s) of the radio show on Facebook Live? Don’t worry about offending me. Why would you want this? If your answer is some form of no, you can skip the remaining questions.

How long should a Facebook Live segment be?

How often during the show?

Finally, does adding Facebook Live to the 550 AM/107.1FM/livestream options potentially expand listenership, or is it just an alternative to how you already listen?

Despite the rush to embrace social media, most people in radio seem to have little idea or guidance about these questions.

So, if we were brainstorming this over a cup of coffee, what would you want me to do about Facebook Live?

Thank you in advance if you have any light to shed. I’ll let you know what we hear, and how we proceed.




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