It wasn’t my favorite ’70s cop show, not even close.

“Hawaii 5-0” gets the gold, for me. Best plots, best lead detective (Steve McGarrett, played by Jack Lord), best scenery.

“Mannix” was the “Everyman” Swiss-army-knife of good guys and great cars.

Still love me some “Kojak” and “Rockford”.

But “Starsky and Hutch”, which ran on ABC from ’75-’80, wasn’t bad at all. Great buddy chemistry, like if Reed and Malloy had  gone plainclothes and grew out their hair. The red/white Gran Torino. Huggy Bear.

So…they’re going to remake the series (it was rebooted as a movie some years back).

I say “re-make”—incorrectly. This being the 2020s, there has to be a ruinous twist. Can you guess?

Starsky and Hutch will be women. Don’t get excited…just plain ol’ biological women.

This has already been done, and it was called “Cagney and Lacey”. Which was also not bad at all. Not to mention “Police Woman”, “Prime Suspect”, “CSI”, heck—“Murder She Wrote”! Love ’em all.

Why not just remake “Cagney and Lacey”? I’m guessing it’s because the show name “Starsky and Hutch” tests better in recall, really.

So, why can’t “S&H” still be dudes?

Look, I get how gassed Hollywood already is. Instead of screenwriters, all they seem to have are scavengers scouring file cabinets for the creativity of past decades, hoping to wring new money out of old scripts and situations.

Would it be asking too much to restore a classic once in a while instead of “modernize” it? Or will their frail egos not permit this?

I don’t even want to imagine what “The Streets of San Francisco”–remade– will look like,

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