This Could Get Biden to Build the Wall

Trump said “build the wall”.

Biden said “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” But I think he might have plagiarized that.

USAToday claims (big grain of salt here) that, in the midterm polling, Republicans are raking in over 40 percent of the Hispanic vote and over 20 percent of the African American vote. For the sake of argument, let’s say that’s roughly true. A few thoughts:

One, this would continue trends going back to 2016, and it says as much or more about the tone deafness and patronizing attitude of Democrats than it says about Republicans. You can only rename people (Latinx!) and butcher their culture so many times, before they will also start noticing that your governance is pretty lousy too.

Two, no matter how hard you sell the abortion issue, most of us are worried about inflation of gas, energy, housing and food. Telling people to change the subject, as Nancy Pelosi just did, is gasoline on the fire of their anxieties and anger.

In her debate this week, NY Governor Kathy Hochul, who’s coming across like some sort of Pelosi East, wondered aloud why her opponent cared so much about crime. Well, you see, it’s because we the people have to navigate the streets, schools and stores out here in the real world, where it’s generally getting worse.

So, the Republican party is possibly becoming more multiracial, multiethnic and working class. The Democratic party definitely is becoming more rich, white and woke.

All of which begs the question, at this rate, will Biden want to build a border wall after all? Looks like he’s welcoming future Republicans.

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