A Few Thoughts For A New Week

It was a pleasure, and a glimpse of Texas radio history to work with Ricci Ware, who passed away Friday.

I first met Ricci in 1999, when I moved from WOAI to KTSA.

He didn’t like me.

Well, no, I don’t think that’s accurate. But our first few encounters were not…warm. I was a little puzzled, because clearly I didn’t represent a threat or anything.

But I came to understand two things about Ricci: One, he spoke his mind, and didn’t keep disagreements or corrections to himself. If you were wrong, you would be told. Directly. Right away. Two, he felt passionately about ┬áKTSA and, until he could take a measure of a new coworker, he wanted to be sure you got how special a place it was (and is).

It wasn’t dislike. It was probation. He looked out for the station and its listeners.

Ric was a gem. They don’t make ’em like him anymore.

Nothing lasts forever, but I’m now into the fourth year of getting telemarketing calls trying to sell me a warranty for a car I no longer own. I wonder if the car is even still on the road. Not a week goes by that they don’t try. I keep thinking that they will become aware of the subsequent vehicle.

Please don’t tell them this, but the current one is out of warranty, too.

What makes you realize you’re getting older?

One thing for me is weddings. I’m seeing people get married who were too young to get married when I met them, or first knew of them.

I like the new Buick LaCrosse ad, by the way, because not only is it a nice looking American car, but the premise is that people will do sneaky things to drive their LaCrosse more often. One guy stages the disappearance of the family dog. Another guy tells his son to get a paper route, and he’ll drive him in the Buick.

Kid deadpans: “What’s a paper route?”

Heck, what’s a paper?



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